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Join the biggest name in the epoxy resin industry

"You can gain the rights to sell industry-leading epoxy resin products within your country"

Why you should join us?

Becoming a distributor for Xtreme Polishing Systems provides the selling rights to a vast range of industry-leading products, equipment and machinery.

Simply put, there is no quicker way to propel your business in the epoxy resin industry than by joining us.

Who are XPS?

With world-class facilities in both the USA and UK, Xtreme Polishing Systems provide industry-leading training and supplies to epoxy and polished concrete enthusiasts all over the globe. This has allowed us to create an incredible home for epoxy resin and polished concrete installers, whether they are brand new to the industry or already have an established business.

Our team are highly experienced, highly skilled, and incredibly knowledgeable which means when you join XPS as a distributor, you will receive support like no other company can offer. This gives you the very best chance of success within your country.

An additional benefit to being one of our distributors is the Xtreme Polishing Systems name, which provides you, the distributor, with an established name in the industry, allowing for higher trust rates and brand recognition.

Incredible benefits and opportunities to earn money in epoxy resin

Demand in the US and Europe is already extremely high and is forecasted to grow much further due to the amazing finishes of Xtreme Polishing Systems floors.

Although it is relatively new in other parts of the world, it has already gained huge amounts of traction and is becoming a very sought-after surfacing option. There isn’t a better time to get in than now, while it is still growing globally.

  • Xtreme Polishing Systems use the best equipment available on the market
  • Our products are industry-leading, tried and tested unlike other companies
  • We have expert installers aroudn the world whom you can lean on when you require advice
  • Offer first class advice on how to grow your business

Becoming a distributor of epoxy resin products from Xtreme Polishing Systems


Get exclusive access to industry-leading equipment and products. We work with you to supply all products to your customers


Our team are with you every step of the way to build your business and become the leading supplier of epoxy resin in your country

Additional Information about becoming an epoxy resin distributor with Xtreme Polishing Systems

Distributors are limited to sales within their assigned country or region unless additional distribution agreements have been made. If an order or enquiry is received from a country that does not have an appointed distributor then the order will be passed to a neighbouring or near distributor.
A training school is not required for becoming a distributor but Xtreme Polishing Systems training centres around the world would help build brand consistency and the name.

More about becoming an XPS Distributor

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