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Common Misconceptions of Epoxy Resin

When tasked with revitalising a concrete floor, there are very few options that can compete with epoxy flooring. Left untreated, concrete floors are prone to cracking and other permanent damage, removing any aesthetic and safety that they once had.

Epoxy floors also provide the benefits of a long lifespan and low maintenance.

However, despite epoxy resin’s growing popularity, there are also several misconceptions leading people to consider other flooring options instead. Below are some common misconceptions of epoxy resin and how much truth there is to them.

Epoxy Coatings Must Regularly Be Reapplied

There are many floor coatings that will require regular recoating, epoxy is not one of them. When installed by a professional, epoxy resin floors can last for years to come. This is thanks to their durable nature, providing the capability of enduring heavy foot traffic and even vehicles, and ease of maintenance. If looked after, your epoxy floor will maintain its dashing looks, as if it it were just installed, for a long time.

Epoxy Floor Are Slippery

The slick appearance of epoxy resin may lead you to believe that it would be slippery. However, this is far from the truth and, when compared to other smooth surfaces, epoxy often boasts a higher slip resistance.

In an environment that requires that extra bit of traction, there are additional coatings that can be applied to epoxy resin with relative ease. This makes epoxy a great solution for buildings such as hospitals, restaurants, and industrial buildings.

Epoxy Floors Are Expensive

At first glance, epoxy may seem like an expensive flooring alternative but when compared to other options, it is an obvious choice to make. Other flooring solutions may be cheaper in the short term but they do not have the long-term capability that epoxy resin does, due to its naturally low maintenance and durability. Many floors will require regular maintenance and repairs that, when examined over a long period, will prove to be far more expensive than an epoxy floor would have been.

Epoxy Is No Better Than Paint

Both paint and epoxy can be applied in a range of different colours and patterns. However, this is where the similarities end. A simple coat of paint will provide no enhancement to the surface that it is applied in terms of protection from abrasion, spills, and impact. Whereas an epoxy floor is highly resistant to all kinds of wear and tear thanks to the bond that it creates with concrete.

Installing Epoxy Is A Simple DIY Job

Here at Xtreme Polishing Systems Europe, we believe that anyone can learn to install epoxy, no matter your experience in the construction/flooring industry. However, this does not mean that we would recommend that beginners teach themselves. There are epoxy resin kits available on the market that are advertised as DIY and “easy to install” but these products are of far lower quality than a system produced at a professional standard. A safe and durable epoxy coating will require the appropriate preparation. Without the knowledge or experience to know which tools, methods, and timings to use, the epoxy could be installed incorrectly, allowing for issues to present themselves later in the floor’s life. 

If you are looking for a professional, tried-and-tested product, have a look at our latest and best epoxy resin system yet: The 3-Gallon RockHard USA Epoxy Floor Kit.


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