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Epoxy Coatings Vs Mechanically Polished Concrete

What are epoxy coatings?

When an epoxy coating is applied to a concrete floor, the revolutionary material binds to the floor surface, resulting in a long-lasting, colourful, and valuable substrate. Epoxy coating floors are most commonly found in hotels, showrooms, restaurants, retail outlets, industrial and residential garages, homes, and warehouses, all while protecting your floors and delivering a stunning environment for clients and guests.

What is a mechanically polished concrete floor?

When a concrete floor is mechanically polished, the surface is honed with diamond abrasive tools, which can yield either a high-sheen polished surface or a duller surface, depending on the client’s preference. Mechanically polished concrete is extremely cost-efficient and low-maintenance, it is commonly found in residential homes, showrooms, warehouses, restaurants, retail outlets, and industrial, commercial, and residential garages.

Which floor application is the better choice?

Both applications are attractive flooring options for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Personal preference will ultimately determine the finish. Decorative concrete is a booming industry, and if you want to make a bold statement for your guests or clients, epoxy coatings are ideal.

Xtreme Polishing Systems Europe provides an diverse variety of captivating metallic colour pigments and spectacular glitters to accomplish any desired look. Polished concrete has exploded in popularity over the years because it is simple to maintain and adds a natural and subtle beauty to any room’s decor. Xtreme Polishing Systems has a wide assortment of abrasive diamond tools and machinery to ensure a beautiful concrete surface.


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