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Join the biggest name in the epoxy resin industry and become a distributor in France

"You can gain the rights to sell industry-leading products within France"

Who are XPS?

Xtreme Polishing Systems (XPS) is a renowned leader in the epoxy resin industry, dedicated to providing industry-leading training, products, and support to epoxy and polished concrete enthusiasts worldwide. With world-class facilities in both the USA and the UK, XPS has created a thriving community for epoxy resin and polished concrete installers, whether they are newcomers to the industry or experienced professionals. Our team of highly experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable experts ensures that when you join XPS, whether as a distributor, a trainee, or a customer, you receive unparalleled support and access to top-of-the-line products and resources. With a strong emphasis on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, XPS continues to set the standard for excellence in the epoxy resin industry.

Why you should join us?

Are you ready to seize the opportunities presented by the thriving epoxy resin market in France? Joining Xtreme Polishing Systems as a distributor offers you a world of advantages in the epoxy resin industry. As a trusted name in the field, we bring extensive experience, premium products, and unwavering support to our valued distributors. Discover the benefits of partnering with Xtreme Polishing Systems and unlock the potential for success in France.

Access to Premium Epoxy Resin Products

As a distributor for Xtreme Polishing Systems in France, you gain exclusive access to our extensive range of premium epoxy resin products. Our carefully curated collection includes high-quality coatings, pigments, metallic effects, and additives, all designed to meet the diverse needs of epoxy resin professionals. With our top-notch products, you can offer your customers exceptional quality and achieve remarkable results in every project.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Joining Xtreme Polishing Systems means you become part of a supportive community that values your success. Our distributors receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to enhance their expertise and grow their businesses. Benefit from our industry-leading training programs, where you'll learn the latest techniques, best practices, and innovative approaches to epoxy resin installation. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist you, ensuring you have the knowledge and resources to thrive in the French market.

Established Brand Recognition

Partnering with Xtreme Polishing Systems gives you access to an established brand in the epoxy resin industry. Our reputation for delivering quality products and exceptional customer service helps you build trust and credibility with your customers. Leverage our brand recognition to differentiate yourself from competitors and win projects. With Xtreme Polishing Systems by your side, you'll have a competitive edge in the French market.

Tap into the Growing Demand

France is experiencing a surge in demand for epoxy resin floors and surfaces. By joining Xtreme Polishing Systems as a distributor, you position yourself at the forefront of this exciting market trend. As more individuals and businesses seek innovative epoxy resin solutions, you can capitalise on this growing demand and establish yourself as a leading supplier. The timing is ideal to leverage the rising interest in epoxy resin and pave the way for a prosperous business venture.

Becoming a distributor


Get exclusive access to industry-leading equipment and products. We work with you to supply all products to your customers


Our team are with you every step of the way to build your business and become the leading supplier of epoxy resin in your country

Additional Information

Distributors are limited to sales within their assigned country or region unless additional distribution agreements have been made. If an order or enquiry is received from a country that does not have an appointed distributor then the order will be passed to a neighbouring or near distributor.
A training school is not required for becoming a distributor but Xtreme Polishing Systems training centres around the world would help build brand consistency and the name.

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