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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a read of the frequently asked questions about all aspects of Xtreme Polishing Systems Europe.


We offer an Epoxy Coatings Group Training Course and an Epoxy Coatings Private Training Course.

Our courses vary in length. The group course spans over three days whilst the private course is two days long.

The private course offers a more personalised experience with one-to-one coaching from our instructors. This means the undivided attention and guidance of the instructor and the opportunity to work on the larger 22m2 floor as well as your own worktop and 5m2 floor bay.

After the course, students will receive an Official Xtreme Polishing Systems Certificate and a welcome package.

Our group course is priced at £675 + VAT and our private course is priced at £1900 + VAT.

Yes, the group course offers a £50 discount on additional attendees and our private course is priced according to the number attending. For example, it is priced at £3000 + VAT for 2 attendees and £4000 + VAT for 3 attendees. Further discounts follow.

Yes, if attending alongside an adult, we allow students aged 16+ to attend and be certified.

To secure your place on one of our courses we require a deposit of £200. The remaining balance of the course is then due two weeks prior to your booked training course.

Yes, after paying the initial £200 deposit, the remaining balance can be paid in as many instalments as you wish. This applies as long as full payment is made at least two weeks prior to the booked training course.

Group training courses occur monthly and usually commence within the first full week of the month. Private courses are available on request.

Our registration forms are available on our website, they can be found on our Homepage and Training Page.

If you are having trouble finding these, please get in touch with us at

Yes, we offer the opportunity to purchase an additional day for our private courses.

Our training courses allow students to install epoxy from prep to finish on both their very own floor and worktop. Students will also have the opportunity to help out in demonstrations.

Students will leave our training courses having performed preparation, design and finish of multiple epoxy resin surfaces as well as learning about mixing ratios, the best equipment and methods, how to test substrates and more.

We allow up to six students in one private session. If you wish to register more people on our courses, please get in touch at


Yes, we ship throughout the UK and across Europe. For other worldwide destinations, please get in touch with us at

We provide Standard Delivery (1-2 working days) for all customers within the UK. If you are based outside of the UK then please get in touch at and we will arrange a shipping quote for you.

We currently offer the Xtreme Polishing Systems Europe Starter Kit. This will provide you with everything you will need to perform your very first epoxy coatings installation. Available on our website now! 

We have some spreadsheets designed to show all the information you should need to know about this. Please click the following link: RockHard USA Epoxy Resin Coverage Rates.

We provide a range of Makita grinding products and equipment as well as our own machines, such as the award-winning Xtreme Polishing Systems Concrete Genie Floor Grinder.

Yes, our shop will be open Monday through Friday from 9:30am – 4:30pm each day. If you would like to visit on a weekend, please get in touch with us at or call us on 0161 843 0360 to arrange an appointment.

The Racatac Kneeling Roller w/ 3″ Casters & Chest Support is a fantastic piece of equipment that takes the stress of working on floors completely away from your body by providing support to your chest, spine, and knees. Click here to read more about the hazards and injuries this tool will help prevent.


There are numerous places to stay close to the training centre. The closest hotel is only a 5-minute drive away.

Our Xtreme Polishing Systems Europe Training and Distribution Centre and Store is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. The address is Unit 1, River Street, Heywood, Greater Manchester, OL10 4AB.

Yes, epoxy coatings have a range of applications including floors, countertops and even walls.

Xtreme Polishing Systems is the largest supplier of industry-leading training, products and support for epoxy resin and concrete flooring in the USA. We have brought all the merits of this company to Europe.

Our training courses are held in the largest epoxy coatings training centre in the UK and offer trainees the opportunity to install their very own epoxy coatings application from prep to finish on multiple surfaces. There are also chances to get involved in the demonstrations, delivering more hands-on time with the products and equipment. We also provide a full aftercare service to all of our customers, this includes lifetime support and the ability to practice and hone your skills in our training facility.

We operate Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. If you leave us a message outside of business hours, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Epoxy is a thermosetting, industrial-grade resinous coating that works as a durable adhesive, binding the material to the surface. Epoxy coatings act as a sealant that is specifically designed to protect surfaces. They have low VOCs and are self levelling, producing a seamless surface that prevents corrosion over time. Epoxy bonds particularly well to correctly-prepared concrete surfaces and can be used to resurface old or worn concrete.

In the case of tough stains, follow these steps. Spills should be treated as quickly as possible. Firstly, sweep all dust and debris from the affected area. After this, mix a solution at five ounces of clear ammonia per gallon of hot water and then soak a hard foam mop in this mixture. Use the mop to then scrub the stain away. 

Using this method will eliminate many types of stains without jeapardising the epoxy itself. 

There are several ways to get in touch with us available on our website. You can fill out the form found on our Contact Us page, message us using our chatbot which can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen, email us directly at or call us on 0161 843 0360.

Epoxy resin crystallisation is a common problem. It is a transition from the liquid to the natural solid state of epoxy. Epoxy resin is a “super-cooled” liquid, which means it remains liquid even when its temperature drops below freezing point. If enough “seeds” are formed, super-cooled liquids have a natural tendency to form crystals at lower temperatures. These tiny seeds grow over time and can eventually prevent the product from functioning properly. Click here to find out more about how to spot, prevent and reconstitute epoxy resin crystallisation.

Both applications are attractive flooring options for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Personal preference will ultimately determine the finish. Decorative concrete is a booming industry, and if you want to make a bold statement for your guests or clients, epoxy coatings are ideal. Click here for a more in-depth look into these two fantastic flooring options.

Polyaspartic coatings are an aliphatic polyurea with the ability to protect and guard surfaces from damages such as constant automobile traffic, foot traffic, chemicals and spills, and other types of wear and tear. Click here to learn more about the various benefits of this durable coating.

At a first glance, floor buffers and floor burnishers may seem very similar but there are some key differences that set them apart from each other. This includes the speeds at which they operate, the finishes that they yield, and ultimately, the situations that they are used in. Click here to find out more about these differences.

There a few reasons that an epoxy coating installation could fail. These include incorrect preparation, climate conditions, and issues with the mixing itself. Click here to read more about how an epoxy coating may fail.






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