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How To Estimate Epoxy Flooring Costs

All contractors understand that preparing correctly before a single ounce of resin is ever laid down is the key to success. Start each project efficiently and with proper planning and patience by taking accurate measurements, thorough inspection, and a clear understanding of the budget you have to work with. This article will assist in your discovery of the most efficient methods of planning your next epoxy project.

Knowledge Is Your Best Tool

If you, or your client, are looking for a cost-effective solution to provide a space with a fresh and sleek look, then epoxy flooring is the answer. However, affordability is not an excuse to be reckless, efficiency is still one of the most important aspects of planning any project. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, knowing how much your project is going to cost is a necessity.

Understanding Your Epoxy Flooring Project's Square Footage

Acquiring precise measurements of the area is the first step to ensuring that you avoid wastage of resin, or worse, running out of epoxy midway through. Without this vital knowledge, you may order the wrong quantity of product. 

Have patience and thoroughly measure the area, including any odd spots, alcoves, or corners. Once you have this information, you can safely order the resin that you need.

How To Inspect Concrete Surface Conditions

No two installations will be the same. So whether it’s a fresh concrete base or a degraded, worn concrete foundation as your substrate, a thorough inspection is a must. Finding imperfections, moisture, and whether it’ll hold an epoxy resin installation is the difference between failure and success.

The floor’s lifespan can be greatly reduced if moisture and cracks are left unchecked. If damage is found in the concrete surface profile upon inspection, the best way to ensure your epoxy will hold for life is to invest in a quality grinder. 

Opting for a mechanical surface preparation method is always a better option than something low-quality like acid etching.

Epoxy Flooring Projects' Labour Costs And Time

It is common knowledge among contractors that failing to plan the costs of your labour and how long you’ll need to complete the job the project is doomed to fail. Each step should be carefully planned with possible delays and obstructions accounted for.

From using a resin that cures in less time, to ordering the right amount of resin for your space, it pays to be efficient.

Be proactive in your estimates, and you’ll see the difference in your profits.

How To Calculate Epoxy Resource Costs

After the preparations and planning have been completed, you are ready to order the project materials. This includes your physical tools, like application equipment and grinders, and the resin itself.

If you operate as a professional contractor, it’s essential to consider the following tools as fundamental investments for your business:

  1. A high-quality grinder, preferably equipped with diamond-tipped blades that are suitable for the various job sizes you typically handle.
  2. Application tools are indispensable for every project, irrespective of its scale. Therefore, it’s wise to allocate resources to procure top-notch tools.
  3. Prioritise safety equipment, which encompasses items such as dust vacuums, spiked shoes, masks, and more. These safeguards are vital for ensuring your well-being while working on projects.

Once you have assembled your initial toolkit, you can begin to gain a more precise understanding of your project-specific requirements. The cost of your resin per square foot hinges entirely on your choice of resin for each project. Therefore, it’s crucial to make thoughtful selections from the array of options available in the market.

By having accurate measurements at your disposal, you can begin to comprehend your actual budget by comparing the cost and coverage of your chosen resin with the volume required for the job. Establish realistic expectations for your team and adhere to your budget, and success will naturally follow.


In every contractor’s arsenal, the most invaluable assets are patience and expertise. The key to achieving prosperity and profitability in your business lies in the ability to make precise project cost assessments. It’s crucial to factor in variables such as square footage, surface conditions, labor expenditures, and the cost of materials to formulate an accurate cost estimate. By identifying your budget and adhering to it, you can establish a foundation for enduring success in the long run.


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