Premier Glitter

Polyester Range

A premium range of precision-cut, highly reflective particles of vacuum metallised 25-micron polyester film.

  • High levels of resistance to solvents, good temperature resistance (180°c)  and excellent lightfastness
  • EN71-3 and EN71-2 approved
  • A wide range of sizes, shapes and colours are available
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications


Iridescent Range

A premium range of precision-cut, highly refractive particles of multi-layered polyester film producing a colour shift effect.

  • Colour change depends on the nature of the substrate to which the glitter is applied and the viewing angle
  • Contains no metallic element, the colour shift and sparkling appearance are obtained from the optical properties of the multi-layered film
  • EN71-3 and EN71-2 approved
  • Special solvent resist grades available
  • Heat resistance typically c.110°C, but special heat resist grades are available
  • A wide range of sizes, shapes and colours


Holographic Range

A premium range of precision-cut, highly reflective particles of micro embossed metallised polyester film.

  • The glitter particles produce an amazing polychromatic holographic effect
  • These glitters offer a wide range of applications, most colours having high solvent resistance and excellent temperature resistance (180°C) and lightfastness
  • EN71-3 and EN71-2 approved
  • Available in a range of sizes and colours



glitter is used for

epoxy resin

floor installs, epoxy countertops and epoxy jewellery to create a visually brilliant design.

£10.25£12.75 exc. VAT

Additional information

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Black 006 Holographic, Gold 008 HEX Holographic, Gold 040 HEX Holographic, Gold 062H Holographic, Gold Dark 004 Polyester, Gold Light 004 Polyester, Jet Black 004 Polyester, Lavender 040 HEX Holographic, Lime Green 040 Polyester, Multi 040 HEX Iridescent, Orange 008 HEX Polyester, Penny Copper 004 Polyester, Pink 008 Holographic, Pink 008 HEX Iridescent, Purple 004 Polyester, Red 004 UTF Polyester, Red Metallic 004 Polyester, Royal Blue 004 Polyester, Silver 004 UTF Polyester, Silver 008 HEX Holographic, Silver 040 HEX Polyester, White 004 HEX Polyester, White 008 HEX Polyester


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