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Racatac Kneeling Roller w/ 3″ Casters & Chest Support

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The Racatac

Kneeling Roller

w/ 3″ Casters & Chest Support is

fully adjustable and made with a comfortable dual-density foam.

Easily accessible with attachable parts that connect and disconnect in seconds. The seat and chest support can both adjust at different angles and heights, and slide back and forth. This allows both of the user’s hands to be free to work in any position, while your back and knees are on supports. This is the perfect solution to use on your

epoxy resin floor


We wrote an article on this product. Click the link below to read it.
What are the benefits of a Racatac Kneeling Roller on the job site?

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What are the benefits of a Racatac Kneeling Roller on the job site?

We cannot afford to ignore safety hazards. It has literally become a way of life, particularly in the workplace. So, what are some of the most common concrete flooring job site safety hazards, and how can you avoid them while on the job?

In this article, we will discuss how you can

 avoid serious bodily harm and discomfort while working hard on a construction site.

Working Hazards and Job Site Solutions for Concrete Substrate Work

Working on construction sites for any industry will almost always involve some level of physical or strenuous labour. The more physically demanding a job is for us, the more likely we are to experience various types of bodily discomfort and pain, which can lead to injury. To ensure maximum comfort while working on a job site, you must keep adequate tooling, supplies, and equipment on hand. The goal is to work in a safe and comfortable environment while achieving the most efficient, effective, and beautiful concrete finishes possible.

Construction sites are a hotspot full of potential risks and dangers. And no matter how cautious a worker is, they can still get hurt. Thus, it is so critical that we reduce as many risks as possible. When working at ground level necessitates kneeling or squatting, gadgets that relieve stress, ankles, and lower back can be quite beneficial. These devices can also

help to prevent stooping by making kneeling at ground level more comfortable.

The solution we offer is the Racatac Kneeling Roller w/ 3″ Casters & Chest Support.

The Racatac Kneeling Roller

There is no other knee pad that provides the ergonomic benefits that the Racatac does. It was designed with the flooring installation industry in mind, but it is quickly becoming the most in-demand tool for any industry that requires kneeling on a regular basis.

The Racatac Kneeling Roller is fully adjustable and made of comfortable dual-density foam, with the ability to connect and disconnect in seconds. The angle, height, and movement of the seat and chest support allow you to support your back and legs while working with both hands in any posture.

The 3″ caster type is 1″ higher off the floor when kneeling or sitting, allowing your feet to move at a much faster rate. This model can be used on rough terrain and even moves quickly in a lateral position, making it ideal for edging, grinding, and polishing jobs. Furthermore, the fully adjustable seat supports your upper body rather than resting back on your heels, allowing your feet to direct your movement.

The chest support is made of super-soft dual-density foam and is completely adjustable, connecting and disconnecting in seconds. Moreover, both the seat and the chest support can be adjusted at different angles and heights, as well as sliding from front to back on a rail, allowing people to work with both hands while their back and knees are well supported.

The Benefits of the Racatac Kneeling Roller

The Racatac Kneeling Roller offers a wealth of benefits and advantages, such as the following:

  • It can be used to improve kneeling comfort and reduce squatting and stooping postures. In comparison to kneeling on hard surfaces, the padded surface of the kneeling roller reduces contact force on the knee and provides comfort.
  • This tool eliminates the need to squat when working at ground level, significantly lowering the risk of knee or back injury.
  • Because of the low-profile casters, workers can move around more freely while remaining close to the work surface.
  • The chest support of the roller reduces spine loading while kneeling, increasing comfort and reducing muscle and joint stress.
  • Because mobility is improved and discomfort is reduced, worker productivity may continue to rise.
  • Kneelers with wheels are useful when working in awkward or demanding positions. They aid in the prevention of serious muscle and joint injuries by reducing knee and lower back stress.

How the Racatac Kneeling Roller Works

Besides the wealth of benefits that the Racactac Kneeling Roller offers, workers also enjoy its ease of use. More specifically, here is how it works:

  • To begin, workers sit on the seat and kneel on the knee holders while performing floor-level operations by positioning themselves on top of the kneeling roller.
  • The tool has a chest support on which the worker can lean while working at low levels. The chest support relieves pressure on the spine when kneeling for extended periods of time.


The Racatac Kneeling Roller w/ 3′′ Casters & Chest Support was designed, built, and maintained in a clean and dependable manner. It fits comfortably, which greatly encourages worker use. Not having the proper tools can mean the difference between being safe and being in danger.

The Racatac Kneeling Roller offers a wealth of benefits to workers, especially those who work at low levels and are getting up close to the substrate beneath them. Ultimately, this piece of equipment is one of the many instrumental factors in reducing construction site accidents by allowing workers to take a comfortable yet workable position that reduces stress on joint parts.


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