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Take a read of some of the excellent reviews we have received!

“Got on really well with everyone and really helped me get an understanding of how it works.”

Zac Goor

“Everything was explained properly and was very easy to understand and great communication. Would definitely come again for further training.”

Jay Simpson

“Great group of knowledgable people. Would highly recommend!”

Steve Bireh

“I enjoyed the practical work. I was able to express my creative side and gave me a sense of achievement.”

Karin Parkes

“This course and all team involved are epic. I’ve so enjoyed being here. Thank you + maximum respect to you all.”

Pete Chamberlain

“I enjoyed absolutely everything from start to finish. I love how everything is hands on. Staff are amazing. Best course ever.”

Carrie Parkes

“Training was good and good bunch of lads.”

Jamie Todd

“I enjoyed everything, excellent training, friendly, very helpful. Explained things clearly, absolutely loved every min of it. Highly recommended training facility, very talented trainers.”

Carla Ferns

“I enjoyed being able to create what we want with enough guidance to think for ourselves. I also enjoyed help being available straight away. Great course, would recommend to everyone. Perfect for someone who has no experience or for someone looking to improve their skills.”

Jack Metcalfe

“I enjoyed how hands on it is start to finish. Course was amazing start to finish.”

Joanne Cooney

“I enjoyed working on the big floor, using different colours and glitters. Thanks for a sick 2 days.”

Jay Cunliffe

“I enjoyed all of it. Course is worth every penny.”

Chris Douglas

“The trainers were great.”

Malyke Mason

“I enjoyed how helpful the team are.”

Adam Thorpe

“I enjoyed the ability to be hands on with the training. Everyone was so kind and helpful, really made this process less stressful.”

Kirill Shevchenko

“I enjoyed what we was taught, it was very helpful and detailed and there was a lot freedom on the course. Best £840 I’ve ever spent.”

Keenan Culleton

“I enjoyed watching and learning the different techniques on applying the design coats. The class were wonderful and the instructors were so helpful and willing to give hands on demonstration. So thankful for their patience and time. Thank you to everyone who helped us with this course.”

Alexandra White

“I enjoyed how the trainers interacted with everyone from start to finish. And the whole process. Thanks for everything, it’s been eye opening and I’ve enjoyed every min.”

Simon Mitchell

“Lovely welcoming, amazing instructors. Teach you everything you everything you need to know. Thanks for everything, it was an amazing experience.”

Norman Junior Mohamed

“Really informative course with great instructors. I enjoyed learning about all the different products and techniques used in epoxy resin installations. The ongoing support aftercare gives me more confidence in using epoxy in customer’s homes/work places”

Andy Willmore

“Enjoyed every day. Would definitely recommend the company to friends and family.”

Donna Hackford

“I enjoyed the hands-on work and the good staff that made it easier to learn.”

Daniel Carlon

“I enjoyed learning the different methods to achieve effects. I think the course is well set out and well explained.”

Clayton Lawless

“Welcoming. friendly, easy to talk to instructors. Thank you for all your assistance. Look forward to ordering off you soon.”

Amil Hashmi

“I enjoyed that it taught specifics and the hands on experience. The lecturers are fantastic”

Oladunjoye Olagesin

“I enjoyed the whole experience and learning the process. I was glad we learned about flake floors and how to install logos into coatings. Thank you for teaching me, I will be sticking to this trade.”

Richard Lee

“I enjoyed learning how to do different designs and patterns. Can’t see a way to improve the course. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Taroon Mccoy

“I enjoyed all of the training and working on actual floors instead of sample boards. Thanks to all the guys.”

Paul Waring

“Really relaxed environment + trainers are top notch. Thank you, well appreciated + would recommend.”

Karl Harper

“Mega, lads. What a couple of days it’s been. Thank you for the support and confidence to go and start on my own. See you soon when I come down. Thanks again, means a lot.”

Tom Morley

“Could not recommend a better training facility. I was confident enought to be straight out on my own jobs after this training course with the help and guidance from these guys!”

Chris Chambers

“Learning about resin was an eye-opener. Instructors were brilliant and friendly. Wonderful course, will recommend to others. Brilliant team. Thank you.”

Minesh Patel

“The training was very informative and the hands-on time with different products was excellent. Every aspect was well explained. Friendly bunch of lads and a good venue for training.”

Sam Cook

“Good atmosphere, plenty of info and practical work. Thank you to all at XPS for a great 3 days, really enjoyed it.”

Iain Leonard

“I enjoyed learning how to do the process and doing the work rather just watching demonstrations. Thanks to all the lads for the training and experience it’s been a great 3 days. Thanks again.”

Clifford Wardle

“I enjoyed the hands-on experience as I felt that I took a lot more in than standing around watching someone else do it. This is a great course and it’s great value for your money.”

Chester Booth

“Very hands-on, great choice of areas and designs. We were made very welcome and would highly recommend the course.”

Jack Matthews

“I enjoyed learning something different. Staff are very helpful, great lads. All was made very clear on every aspect of the training. Top notch. Thanks for your time, lads, had a great few days.”

Lee Weston

“Brilliant training, great bunch of people who were always keen to give advice. Good option for aftercare. Excellent!”

Katy Dow

“The training was generally good. It was great to have practical classes as well as a little theory. I feel ready to work!”

Samuel Pessoa Santos

“The whole course was very informative. Looking forward to using your products my future projects.”

Scott Sharp






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