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Find out about the additional training you could be taking with XPS

We offer extensive training packages to take your skillset to the next level

As you all will know….there is no substitute to experience, that’s why you should not be ignoring our training classes.

Elevate your epoxy resin installations to the next level with our advanced and private classes tailored exclusively for you. Our bespoke training sessions offer a unique opportunity to upskill, learn new techniques, and gain valuable insights from industry experts.

Perfectly suited for preparing for big projects, these advanced classes empower you to tackle any challenge with confidence. Engage in in-depth discussions, ask unlimited questions, and refine your skills in a supportive and focused environment. Whether you seek to expand your repertoire, enhance your portfolio, or simply excel in your craft, our advanced and private classes are designed to help you reach new heights of success in the epoxy resin industry. 

Expert Advice

Whatever package you take their can be no better support than by the XPS team

Private Class

Our private class is great for businesses as allows a truly personal service on multiple floors

Bespoke Training

We have options to suit whatever you need, whether that's for one person or your team

Advanced Class

This class allows us to drill into technique and design which allow you to create stunning floors & countertops

Private Class

For a personalised approach to cater to you and your colleagues, our Private Training offers an exclusive two-day experience. Tailored to your specific goals and skill level, this private class allows for a focused and immersive learning journey. Collaborate with our experienced trainers to select the next available date that aligns with your convenience.

Whether you seek to strengthen specific techniques, address unique challenges, or elevate your craftsmanship, our private training is the key to unlocking your full potential.

Advanced Class

Take your epoxy resin expertise to the next level with our XPS Advanced Training Class, specifically designed for you and your colleagues. This two-day intensive course offers a more advanced approach, delving deeper into intricate techniques and industry insights. Work alongside our seasoned professionals to select the next available date that suits your schedule best.

Whether you aim to refine your existing skills or explore new horizons in epoxy resin installation, this class empowers you to tackle complex projects with confidence. 

Book an Epoxy Resin Private or Advanced class with us!

Maybe now is the time to take your epoxy game to the next level with an advanced class. This gives you the opportunity to have that one to one bespoke training programme where you can install multiple floors and work on any aspect of installs alongside the best in the business.

Choose a date that suits you best and lets get you booked in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Training is a personalised approach to epoxy resin education, exclusively tailored to the specific needs and goals of you and your colleagues. Over two days, you’ll receive focused and immersive guidance from our experienced trainers, addressing unique challenges and refining your existing skills. The Private Training allows you to dictate the training schedule, ensuring a seamless fit with your busy calendar. This bespoke training experience empowers you to maximize your learning potential and strengthen your craftsmanship. The course is priced at £1250 ex VAT per person.

Advanced Training is our premier epoxy resin course designed for individuals and professionals seeking to elevate their skills and knowledge to an advanced level. This intensive two-day training delves deep into intricate techniques, industry insights, and cutting-edge practices in the epoxy resin industry. Participants will receive personalised guidance from our seasoned experts, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. The Advanced Training is perfect for those aiming to tackle complex projects with confidence and take their epoxy resin installations to new heights. The course is priced at £1900 ex VAT per person.

Both Advanced Training and Private Training are designed to offer high-quality epoxy resin education, but they differ in their approach and focus.

Advanced Training: Our premier course, the Advanced Training, provides in-depth insights, advanced techniques, and industry-leading practices. It is ideal for epoxy resin professionals and enthusiasts looking to master complex projects and refine their expertise in the field. The Advanced Training offers a comprehensive curriculum and is open to individuals and professionals.

Private Training: The Private Training, on the other hand, is exclusively personalised to you and your colleagues’ specific requirements. This bespoke approach allows you to tailor the training content and schedule, ensuring an experience that addresses your unique needs. It is well-suited for businesses seeking team-oriented learning and customized skill development.

Pricing and Deals for Additional Participants: Both courses are priced per person. For businesses interested in sending multiple attendees, we offer special discounts for additional participants from the same company. Please contact us directly for pricing details based on your group size.

Note: Regardless of the training you choose, rest assured that both options offer exceptional learning opportunities and invaluable insights into the world of epoxy resin installations. Elevate your skills, expand your expertise, and embark on a journey of excellence with Xtreme Polishing Systems’ Advanced Training and Private Training options.

You can book straight away on our website and then our team will be in touch to choose a date that works best for you.

Of course, we have offers on for booking additional team members on each course.






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