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Understanding Epoxy Pigments-A Comprehensive Guide


Epoxy pigments are indispensable tools for achieving stunning finishes in epoxy resin projects. In this guide, we’ll delve into four popular types of epoxy pigments and explore their unique applications, benefits, and tips for optimal use.

Powder Metallic Epoxy Pigments

Powder metallic epoxy pigments are renowned for their ability to create captivating metallic effects on epoxy surfaces. These pigments consist of finely ground metallic particles that can be mixed directly into epoxy resin to produce shimmering finishes reminiscent of precious metals like gold, silver, and copper. Commonly used in flooring, countertops, and decorative art pieces, powder metallic pigments add depth and dimension to surfaces, elevating their aesthetic appeal. To achieve desired effects, experiment with different pigment concentrations and application techniques, such as brushing, rolling, or spraying.

Epoxy Liquid Colour Pigments

Epoxy liquid colour pigments offer unparalleled versatility, allowing users to customise epoxy resin with vibrant, uniform colours. Available in a wide spectrum of hues, these pigments can be easily mixed into epoxy resin to achieve desired shades for various applications, including flooring, casting, and crafting. When using liquid colour pigments, start with small amounts and gradually add more until the desired colour intensity is achieved. Additionally, consider blending different colours to create unique custom shades that suit your project requirements.

Liquid Metallic Epoxy Pigments

Liquid metallic epoxy pigments are prized for their ability to impart luxurious metallic finishes to epoxy surfaces. These pigments contain metallic additives suspended in a liquid carrier, offering ease of application and excellent adhesion properties. Commonly used in decorative flooring, countertops, and artistic creations, liquid metallic pigments create striking visual effects that mimic the appearance of molten metal. To achieve optimal results, apply multiple thin coats of metallic pigment-infused epoxy resin, ensuring even coverage and smooth finishes.

Spartacote Universal Colour Pigments

Spartacote Universal Colour Pigments are specially formulated pigments designed to provide exceptional colour options for epoxy coatings and flooring systems. These pigments offer superior colour retention, UV stability, and chemical resistance, making them ideal for demanding industrial and commercial environments. Whether you’re coating garage floors, warehouse surfaces, or commercial kitchens, Spartacote pigments deliver long-lasting, vibrant colours that withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh chemicals. To maximise the performance of Spartacote pigments, follow manufacturer’s guidelines for mixing ratios and application procedures, ensuring proper curing and adhesion.


Incorporating epoxy pigments into your resin projects opens up endless creative possibilities, allowing you to unleash your imagination and transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary works of art. By understanding the characteristics and applications of different types of epoxy pigments, you can confidently select the right pigments for your projects and achieve professional-quality results that leave a lasting impression.


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