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Why is epoxy the perfect garage flooring option?

Epoxy has many benefits and can be used on many surfaces, making it a great choice for garage floors. Epoxy can be used to coat hard surfaces such as concrete, wood, tile, and even linoleum.

Garage floors are often neglected as they are usually thought to be aesthetically unimportant, however, having plain surfaces such as concrete or wood could cause water damage over time. This is where epoxy comes in. Contrary to other durable materials, epoxy flooring will not absorb spilt liquids.

Epoxy’s benefits extend beyond just being durable, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable, it is also very simple when concerned with maintenance.

Additionally, epoxy hardens fast and forms a strong bond with concrete. Thanks to its durability, epoxy will not peel or crack over time, making it an excellent choice for a garage floor as these will often see high traffic.

In this article, we discuss why epoxy coatings are the perfect option for garage flooring.

What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy systems combine a two-part liquid resin and one-part liquid hardener that adheres to a surface to create a sturdy, resilient coating. This means that no additional adhesives or primers are required for the installation.

Types of Epoxy Coatings Used For Garage Flooring

Epoxy flooring is capable of providing many benefits to your garage but it is also important that you choose the correct system for your garage floor as there are many types. Among the different types are:

  • Quartz epoxy flooring is a commercial-grade finish and is also one of the strongest and most valuable options for garages. Quartz floors are also slip, chemical, UV, and solvent resistant, making them safe and reliable options too.
  • Flake epoxy flooring is a high-quality finish that’s main purpose is to increase an epoxy surface’s durability. Flakes/chips are also great at adding texture and colour to the surface at an affordable price.
  • Pigmented epoxy flooring is a heavy-duty finish that can provide stunning finishes. Pigments allow you to select from a vast range of metallic, solid, and glitter colours to create your own unique design. However, these finishes are primarily aesthetic and, while still resilient, cannot withstand perpetual exposure to sunlight and so should often be protected with an additional protective, UV-stable coat.
  • Polyaspartic coatings provide extra protection for floors. A polyaspartic topcoat will provide the surface with excellent chemical, UV, and solvent resistance as great durability under heavy traffic and slip-resistance. The coatings are commonly applied over epoxy to add that extra protection.

Can epoxy flooring be beneficial?

Epoxy makes a fantastic garage flooring option due to its durability and ease of cleaning. Epoxy will not be damaged when washed with soap and water and any oil and gasoline that is spilt can be cleaned without leaving any permanent marks. This is superior to standard, plain garage floors such as concrete that would absorb the spills and become much harder to deal with. This also makes them great in wet or humid areas.

Due to epoxy’s corrosion resistance, no cracks or buckling will take place, meaning that it will not need to be replaced.

Epoxy floors are also highly suitable if you are entertaining guests as they are easy to clean and highly customisable with many colours available. Food-safe epoxy flooring solutions will easily wipe off food particles without staining them.

They are also great options if you have children or pets as any hazardous liquids and other materials in the garage will be easily wiped up.

Epoxy is affordable and will last for years while requiring minimal maintenance or repair. This makes it a more cost-effective and time-saving garage flooring option to use instead of painting or replacing your floors.


It can be easy to overlook the garage floor when there are so many things going on in your life. However, an epoxy garage floor provides easy movement and a stylish look for when you have guests. You shouldn’t feel guilty if you haven’t painted your old concrete, because there’s a solution out there.


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