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Why Metallic Epoxy Flooring Is A Good Option

Why Metallic Epoxy Flooring Is A Good Option

You’ve probably seen metallic epoxy flooring trending on social media. Why is this material so popular at the moment? Most traditional homeowners or business owners with concrete floors may be unfamiliar with metallic epoxy floors.

Metallic epoxy is a trend to watch for, both in terms of benefits and appearance. This article examines the top reasons why metallic epoxy flooring should be considered when renovating.

What is metallic epoxy?

Let’s take a moment to explain what metallic epoxy is. Metallic epoxy is a resinous coating system of industrial grade that has been enhanced with metallic pigments to produce a shimmering finish.

Epoxy coatings are typically made up of epoxy resin and a hardener that cures the epoxy into a seamless finish. Metallic finishes, on the other hand, incorporate decorative pigments into the mixture to create a mesmerising effect.

Let’s look at why metallic epoxy flooring is so popular right now.

Investment Factors

First, consider the investment opportunities that metallic epoxy flooring can offer. Whether you’re remodelling your garage or upgrading your floors, there are numerous ways epoxy can increase the value of your home or business.

Another significant investment you can make with epoxy is in waterproofing your basement or garage flooring. This significantly reduces the risk of water damage or exposure to waterborne bacteria such as mould and mildew on your surfaces.

Durable epoxy-based coating systems are designed primarily for resurfacing to protect the actual foundation of your home or business from wear and tear and to prevent extreme effects of slab expansion or contraction. Metallic epoxy finishes can provide up to a 70% return on investment.

Epoxy Benefits

Metallic epoxy floors, in most people’s minds, are only for aesthetic purposes and thus do not provide the same benefits as other epoxy coating systems.

The truth is that if you combine your decorative metallic pigments with a 100% solids epoxy system (or something equally qualified), you will get the most vibrant, durable, and glossy finishes with a seamless surface and mirror-like appearance.

As a result, metallic epoxy floors provide the benefits of a flooring system designed for commercial or industrial applications.

Are your surfaces going to be in direct sunlight? A protective topcoat clear finish adds an extra layer of protection. These outstanding polyaspartic and polyurea finish applications provide superior durability as well as chemical, UV, and solvent resistance.

Metallic floor coatings offer numerous advantages, including beauty, sustainability, resilience, and versatility, as well as the following:

  • Chemical and stain resistance
  • Excellently hygienic
  • Long life span (depending on location)
  • Slip-resistant and skid-resistant properties
  • Simple to maintain
  • The breadth of application areas

Array of Finishes

Metallic epoxy floor coatings have become one of the most popular coating systems on the internet due to their dazzling finishes.

Brushing, solvents, and blowers are used to manipulate the material in order to cure it in a specific way. The application of these various methods can result in finishes that resemble clouds, waves, and lava.

Most people are unaware that chemical reactions in floor solutions are so erratic that no two metallic epoxy finishes will be identical, even if applied by the same contractor.


When considering metallic epoxy finishes, it is critical to use professional materials for your application or hire experienced installers. Unqualified, inexperienced contractors will be unable to achieve these special finishes, leaving you with a huge mess.

However, if you choose Xtreme Polishing Systems Europe’s metallic epoxy coating systems, you will have a lot of success with your projects.

Clients who present their inquiries today are more sophisticated in terms of their personal preferences. Needless to say, they have higher expectations. Plain grey concrete is simply no longer acceptable.

Xtreme Polishing Systems Europe can bridge the gap between your vision and the project’s reality by utilising a colourful arsenal of metallic designs and finish techniques.


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