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Start a new trade in 2024 as an Epoxy Resin Floor Installer

Work with the best- we offer world-renowned industry leading products and training courses in the UK


Are you looking to embark on a new career path in 2024 that promises excitement, creativity, and a world of opportunity?

Consider becoming an Epoxy Resin Floor Installer! Epoxy resin flooring is not just a trade; it’s an art form that’s sweeping the construction and interior design industry. With our comprehensive training program, you can step into this lucrative profession in just three days. Let’s dive into why this trade is worth considering, regardless of your background.

Why a career in Epoxy Resin is Good for you

  • 3 Days to Expertise: Our intensive training program is designed to fast-track your skills. In just three days, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and techniques needed to create stunning epoxy resin floors.
  • Huge Demand: Epoxy resin floors are the trend of the future. From homes to commercial spaces, everyone wants a beautiful, durable, and unique flooring solution. The demand for epoxy resin installers is skyrocketing.
  • On-Trend Aesthetics: Epoxy resin floors offer boundless creative possibilities. You’ll be at the forefront of designing beautiful, custom floors that leave a lasting impression.

Who Can Train to be an Epoxy Resin Floor Installer

  • Anyone is Welcome: No prior experience is necessary! Whether you’re an experienced tradesperson looking to diversify your skills or a complete newcomer to the industry, our training is open to all.
  • Trade Backgrounds Welcome: If you’re already in a trade, such as painting, tiling, or carpentry, adding epoxy resin installation to your skillset can significantly expand your business offerings.


Concrete Testing

Surface Preparation and Repair

Product Selection

Tools & Equipment

Floor Maintenance

Logo Applications

Applying Epoxy Coatings

Design Techniques

Social Media Training

Frequently asked questions

Learn as we answer your commonly asked questions about our epoxy resin training classes

Epoxy Resin Training Class

No, our training class is open to individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of whether you have prior experience in epoxy resin work. Our comprehensive training is designed to accommodate beginners and those with no prior knowledge, as well as those looking to enhance their existing skills.

Yes, you can! Our intensive 3-day training program equips you with the essential knowledge and hands-on experience needed to launch your own epoxy resin business confidently. We provide you with the skills and guidance to get started in the industry quickly.

Absolutely. Epoxy resin work is a versatile field that welcomes individuals of all genders. Our classes are open to everyone interested in learning and mastering epoxy resin techniques, whether you’re male or female.

During the training, we provide all the necessary equipment and materials. You’ll have access to the tools and products required for hands-on practice. This allows you to get a feel for the materials and techniques used in epoxy resin work

Certainly! Our training classes are not limited to those aspiring to start a business. Many participants join us to enhance their skills for personal DIY projects, including creating stunning epoxy resin countertops, floors, and artwork. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, our training can help you achieve your goals.

The demand for epoxy resin flooring is booming. Homeowners, businesses, and property developers are increasingly seeking this versatile and attractive flooring option.

No, you won’t need to make a substantial upfront investment. We’ll guide you on cost-effective ways to acquire the necessary equipment and materials for your projects.

During the training, you’ll become familiar with the materials and tools required for epoxy resin flooring, and you can buy everything you need direct from us.


What our previous students have said about our training

Our training and support for all of our students is second to none. We help nurture all epoxy installers, not just during training but with the support we continue to offer them on a daily basis.






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