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Preparation and Repair

Welcome to Xtreme Polishing Systems’ Epoxy Resin Floor Preparation & Repair Products page. At Xtreme Polishing Systems UK & Europe, we understand the significance of a strong foundation for any successful epoxy resin installation. Proper floor preparation is essential to ensure a seamless and durable finish, making it a crucial step in achieving remarkable epoxy resin floors. In this collection, we offer a wide range of top-quality products that are specifically designed to support you in preparing and repairing floors before and during the installation process. From our reliable Rock Hard Fusion Primer, ensuring excellent adhesion, to the Urethane Fast Cure Crack Fillet Kit for seamless crack repairs, and the versatile XPS Thixofix Adhesive for secure bonding during installation, you can find all the tools you need to confidently embark on your epoxy resin projects. Explore our selection of floor preparation & repair products and elevate the quality of your epoxy resin installations to a whole new level.

Prepare and Repair with Confidence - Epoxy Resin Floor Preparation & Repair Products - Xtreme Polishing Systems UK & Europe

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